A walk on the wide side ~ wide angle photography - PG Delaney

Here's the video and gallery from my day spent in Lincoln using a 16mm APSC lens (a 24mm full frame DSLR equivalent). My aim was to take a variety of shots, from close-up (like a macro image) to urban landscape, and a little of everything in between.

When using a wide angle lens you will see the how the vertical and horizontal elements of your subject are distorted by the curvature of the lens. Straight lines become curved and subjects can appear stretched; whilst this may look very unnatural it can also be used to creative advantage, and in the end much of the effect can be corrected in software editing applications such as Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

A wide angle lens isn't just for landscapes, it can be used very successfully as an 'environmental portrait lens' - this to me simply means depicting your subject in the surrounding scene (a church, a mountain top, at the beach, wherever) rather than having an isolated portrait with very little of the environment around the subject being visible. If you haven't yet added a wide angle lens to your collection then I strongly recommend you consider it. The wider you go with your choice of lens then the more dramatic the effects become.

Wide angles can be extreme (sometimes called fisheye lenses), I would recommend anything from 12-16mm APSC, or 18-24mm on a full frame DSLR. Spend a little more if you can as you want a lens that doesn't produce a 'soft' or poorly defined image towards the edges of the frame. If you use Fujifilm then you probably already know that the XF16mm F1.4 is a superb lens. Whatever you decide, good luck with your choice and have fun - be creative - the wide angle lens will challenge you to be creative and is always there to capture that wonderful sunset or beautiful landscape...

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