Classic Car Rally - PG Delaney

Below is the video and gallery from a car rally that was held recently in Lincoln, U.K.  How you go about taking an image of a car is a personal choice, for me I don't like to have unwanted elements in the photo, such as people, their reflections in the paintwork, or other distractions.  In other words I make life difficult for myself, as public events like this attract lots of people.  I have chosen to isolate various elements of a vehicle rather than show the full car, it was simply a personal choice on the day.  If you're lucky and can get a 'clean' shot of a car without too many distractions then in my opinion it will make a better photo than one with lots of people in the shot.  I hope you enjoy the video and the selection of images I have chosen.

On this occasion I preferred to use a shallow depth of field and a wide angle lens, getting in very close to my subject whilst deliberately creating a soft background, thereby further drawing your attention to the main element/s in the image... 

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