London Photography ~ Feb 2020 - PG Delaney

London Photography ~ Feb 2020

Having experienced fairly poor photography weather in London during January 2020, I decided to try again about a month later.  Lady luck wasn't on my side and once again low cloud and rain hung over the city.  I think the day's video diary at the bottom of this post nicely demonstrates the conditions and will also give you a flavour (along with the images) of what can be done, regardless of the weather.  Read on....

Grey and overcast skies can, and do, lend themselves to black and white photography.  In the above image I am letting the 'strength' of the buildings do the talking.  The composition has a nice 'balance' (at least that's how I feel) and the image is interesting.  I like the way the arm of the crane on the left is sympathetically matching the shape of the main structure, there's an industrial salute being given to the wonderful shape of the central building.

In the above photograph colour is splashed across the shot thanks to Southwark Bridge and a wonderful shade of teal, complemented by the golden vertical beams.  The city skyline has  interest, with a mix of old and new structures.

I like this photograph not just because of the buildings and the reflections of light but because the 'lead-in' lines take you to the heart of the image.  The eye can't help but be led up the side of the pillars on the left; from the upturned boat to the facing building in the far distance.  This is the kind of photograph that could withstand quite a bit of editing, and perhaps deserves several copies to be done in different styles (more/less contrast, colour washes like sepia and more).

Darkness in London means illuminations and reflections.  The exposures I used were less than 10 seconds and all were done from a tripod.  I set the camera to 2 second timer so that I didn't have to be in contact with the shutter button when the image was taken.

I like the above shot.  The portrait framing and long reflections complement the 'Shard'.  I also like the small wooden posts in the bottom left of the image.  They give a suggestion of history whilst standing proud of the water.  This image is all about vertical lines, reflections and colour.

My final choice is a cropped image looking directly across the Thames at the Shard.  Its 'golden base' being provided by the 'London Bridge Hospital'.  I used Lightroom to correct the lens distortion in this image and then cropped it accordingly.  A wide angle lens will make buildings appear to lean towards the center of the image, sometimes such an effect is fine, it's all down to your artistic preference.

Please enjoy the video diary below and don't forget to see the full gallery here.

Thank you.

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