If you live near Lincoln, or you're willing to travel, why not consider hiring me for a dedicated steampunk portrait photography session?  For a professional photography shoot I use very high quality photographic equipment and will ensure you receive a selection of wonderful images.  

If you appreciate my work please click the 'Like' button on the homepage - thank you.

Customers who buy original size images from me... if you wish to have a slightly different edit made to your photo/s then let me know.  I will make the adjustments (assuming they can be done) and send a new copy of the image/s to you via email).  If you place a significant order (over £50) then I will be delighted to send edited monochrome digital images to complement the colour versions you have purchased.  If you place a significant order for prints instead (over £75) but would also like digital copies, then I will send you copies with my compliments). :-)

Lastly - A HUGE thank you to my wonderful customers who have already placed orders - Hopefully I'll see you all again soon! Kindest regards ~ Pete. :-)

(My unpaid attendance at events like this provides the participants, and/or family/friends, with the fabulous opportunity to purchase high quality images without the requirement to pay for my professional services.  Feel free to enter the catalogue and browse by clicking on the 'Buy Photo' button.  These images are watermark, copy and copyright protected, all images are licensed for personal use only and are not for commercial use). 

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