If you have cause for concern that I hold an image that you feel I should not display then please contact me in writing so that any issue regarding data privacy can be dealt with. I will always try and do the right thing regarding data privacy and protection - so the bottom line is simply write to me if you have any legitimate concerns.

All my photographs are copyright.  They are copy and watermark protected and are never knowingly sold on to 3rd parties for commercial gain without permission (commercial gain - for example, advertising purposes).  The business model of PG Delaney Photography is to sell directly to the customers who book my services or the potential customers that I photograph at public events, etc. (Please note: in most cases taking an image in a public place, including an image depicting a person who can be identified from the image, without that individuals permission, is not illegal, unless; the photo is clearly defamatory, or explicit in nature, or if the person was in a privately owned place, for example sat in a cafe by the window, by the window in a private residence, etc).

Notwithstanding my photographs; if you are a customer of mine, or have contacted me, or registered in my gallery then I may have access to one, or all of the following:

Your email - name - address - contact number/s.

I'm not passing your data on to unscrupulous companies, or doing anything malicious with any data - so don't worry - but I may use it to contact you and/or use it for legitimate business reasons. In other words - to enable me to do my job. Speaking of contacting me - it's reasonable to assume that I may need to communicate with my customers.

I may have access to your email but this is only so I can provide the very service that you have either contracted me for, or may be intrinsically interested in, as someone who is perhaps aware or becomes aware that my photography services were used at an event. I do not spam people or make unsolicited calls. My customers find me, I do not actively engage in sending out marketing emails to specific individuals who would not reasonably expect to hear from me for legitimate reasons.

I do not operate a marketing database and only communicate with those customers or individuals who are either already engaged with me or actively seeking my services or may have a genuine interest in my work and would therefore reasonably expect to hear from me.

I do not sell contact details to anyone or for that matter give them out for free. I will endeavour to use any contact details responsibly - that's to say to enable communication to take place with those who have either booked my services or those who have a legitimate interest as a third party and may be keen to see or purchase an image from me. Data is accessed via my password protected home computer and through password protected email. If you do not wish me to hold any data about you then please let me know. Customers who book my services in advance may receive a marketing consent form which will state that I may wish to use some images on social media to help market me as a professional photographer - this, I believe, is using photographs for the legitimate interest of my business, images utilised will retain watermark protection (agreement may be established verbally, if a written agreement is impracticable). If you are unhappy with those terms then I will respect your wishes - You will be given that choice whenever practicable in accordance with the GDPR (with effect 25th May 2018). However, I believe if you simply view my website you'll quickly gain an understanding that the images I use are very appropriate for public viewing - they look, in my opinion, beautiful and help present my business in an appropriate manner.

If I am inadvertently doing something that you believe is in breach of data protection then contact me so that I can investigate, and if necessary put things right. I hope by now you appreciate that I respect the right to privacy and that I'm striving to look after any data I may have access to responsibly.

More privacy information:

Cookies - not the yummy kind but the data ones... My interest in cookies comes from Google's analytical services which can help me see how much interest there is in my website. Their analytical services help show me things like how many visitors I get to my website and which country they come from, whether they used a mobile device and which website pages/posts are proving to be the most popular. So if you visit my website I imagine somewhere in the background data processing occurs that results in my analytics being updated.

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