Newsletter ~ A new direction

This year has been a learning curve, so far as getting my new photography business up and running. Some of the ideas and hopes I had, well frankly they have flopped or not materialised, whilst in other more unexpected areas I have been really pleased with the results. Most importantly I've had time to reflect on what is important to me, as a person, and as a photographer.

What has been most telling is the relative lack of pleasurable work that I have done - I put the business first and as a result my desire to pick up the camera markedly diminished. This has proven to be a blessing in disguise - it has brought me to my senses.

In the end it's not the money that counts (or lack of it), it's what I'm doing with my life that makes me either 'rich' or 'poor' (I thought I had learned that lesson in the latter years of my RAF service when I was sensible enough to resign - the money no longer mattered, the mortgage was going to be paid and the kids were much older).

So following some kind of recent 'epiphany' I have decided to steer my business where I should have taken it in the first place, namely to do the kind of work I love to do and to stop worrying about things I can't control.

Next year (as it's going to take me quite some time to get things ready) I will be starting a new YouTube channel and recording a video diary of my outdoor adventures as a landscape photographer. From Scotland to Cornwall and even into Europe I will be getting up before the dawn in some of the most beautiful landscapes and capturing images that I hope will bring great pleasure to everyone.

I will still do other kinds of work as advertised on my website, but in order to be true to myself, wedding photography will no longer be offered (perhaps the odd 'mates event' - but nothing officially).

I can't begin to tell you how excited I am, and whilst I know there will be multitudes of 'failures' with my landscape work, perhaps due to my own errors, howling gales or torrential rain, fog, equipment failure, etc - the challenge and the chance to 'feel alive' and rekindle my passion for photography is something that I can't pass up.

I hope you will all follow along - I have a scary shopping list, from all-weather outdoor gear, camera filters, vlogging equipment etc, but it all has to start with the most vital element - the right vehicle to get me out and about! Wish me luck!