Steampunk ~ The Lincoln Asylum Festival

This is the 10th anniversary of the Lincoln Asylum Steampunk Festival.  It's on over this weekend and is going to be a spectacular event.  I'll be there tomorrow to take some images and chat with the festival participants.  I'm expecting some amazing costumes to be on show!  Look for my images in the gallery which will be updated throughout the coming week. 

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These select images were taken today, but the main event is really taking place over the weekend.  Keep coming back to this post as I will update it and add more images and a few thoughts and observations from me...

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Pete :-)

Fabulous costumes and a very lovely couple indeed!

Fabulous costumes and a very lovely couple indeed!

Below is a cracking image of the Steampunk Queen and her partner outside the magnificent Lincoln Cathedral.

The Steampunk Queen...

The Steampunk Queen...

As I write this it's a day later.  I went into Lincoln early this Saturday morning and took lots of images whilst everyone was still relatively willing to pose for a photograph.  There were a huge number of amateur and professional photographers attending and most festival goers were unlikely to make it a few steps before being stopped for more images to be taken!  Thank goodness they were all such an incredible bunch of patient and happy people!

I'll be updating the main gallery over the coming days and adding a few more choice images to this blog post - so do keep coming back.  Loved the image below, it has plenty of 'mood' and the lighting/contrast of the outfit was just perfect...  

It's Sunday morning now... I've just done a 'first pass' of the images I took Saturday morning and they are now uploading to my client gallery... There are a few cracking shots among what is already a fine selection of Steampunk photographs, so do keep an eye on the main gallery (the link is near the top of this post).  I'll add some more images to this post soon...

A real character, great humour and sense of fun...

A real character, great humour and sense of fun...

For a few hours of work on Saturday (plus a bit Friday morning) I'm pleased with the results so far... some images don't work, due to the kind of mishaps that always plague photography.  There will always be people who blink at the wrong time and there's obviously accidental errors I make plus the camera may not grab focus correctly, etc.  However, the vast majority of time things work out and I for one love to see those really special images that just speak out more than the rest.   


I hope you like the small selection of photographs I have posted here.  The gallery is the best place to visit to see far more and to really get a sense of the Steampunk Asylum Festival.  From the few hours I attended on the Saturday morning you can hopefully see just how amazing it was.  I would have loved to take much more time with some of the visitors but in the end I'm very grateful for those that stood for a photograph to be taken. :-)