Chrome Hill

Chrome Hill to Lud's Church chasm.

By the end of the first day my hope for a colourful sunset sky was diminishing. Photography can be a game of luck, opportunity and patience, and many times things will not go in your favour. The next day the sun was shining again and a new adventure began, full of promise and more opportunity…

I end my day at Chrome Hill with a few photographs. The next day I'm out for adventure again at Lud's Church, or as it's marked on the OS map - The Chasm!

Chrome Hill & a precarious place for a photo

Today I'm setting out for a weekend of photography in the west of the Peak District. Part One is a visit to the famous Chrome and Parkhouse Hill ancient reef knolls, these are often frequented by landscape photographers looking for the perfect shot. (There will be more episodes coming soon covering Luds Church 'chasm' and The Roaches, a popular rock climbing area).