Lake District

Spectacular view and the 'hobbit bridge'.

Gawbarrow Fell on a beautiful day…followed by the depths of the Aira Force.

The view from the top of Gowbarrow Fell...

Dodgy country lanes and a beautiful day by the Lakes.

Photography by Windermere and Ullswater in the beautiful Lake District National Park.

A beautiful day by the side of lake Windermere and Ullswater...

The power of Aira Force

So I decided to call my video diaries ‘Tog Diaries’ for short (tog being short for photography or photographer). Making my way down into the Aira Force gorge. Daylight was running out but this didn’t stop the adventure!

Episode Two - up a week early, other episodes will now follow on a weekly basis. Down I go into the darkness of the Aira Force gorge.

Kase Wolverine and Rydal Water

The first of my video diaries, and the start of my new YouTube video channel, covering my photography adventures!

Episode One of this new channel and my arrival in the Lake District. Lots to learn about vlogging so please excuse the sound issues... I will learn and improve as I shoot more videos. This channel records the video diaries of a photographer, enjoying the adventure that outdoor photography brings.