PG Delaney

Photography challenges at the zoo

It's a very long time since I've been to the zoo and I was very much looking forward to this special treat. There are lots of challenges to anyone hoping to get good photographs of the animals and they all become self evident as the day progresses.

Jodrell Bank Radio Telescope ~ an opportunity for photography

A visit to Jodrell Bank and a look around the majestic radio telescope. I thought black and white would suit the images best (although I did a mix of colour too). A slightly overcast/hazy day with glimpses of blue sky. I had 2 zoom lenses with me today but no tripod or filters.

NEC Photography Show 2019 ~ Part One

Sorry about the flickering issues in the video. It was caused by indoor lighting at the NEC Photography Show and I wasn’t aware it was happening. However, it is only periodic and does not totally spoil the content…

A visit to the NEC Photography Show 2019 in Birmingham UK. A look around some of the things I was interested to see... I particularly wanted to see framing of images, printers, paper as well as have a good look around of course!