Tog Diaries

Follow my photography adventures across the country ('Tog Diaries') shooting landscapes, wildlife, people and special events. Life is about making the time to do something you love, and after a career in aviation I have decided to do my photography the way I want to do pressure, no expectations, just for the love of it, to enrich my life with something I find can be incredibly rewarding. A 'warts and all' diary. I hope you'll subscribe to my YouTube channel and join me along the way...

Chrome Hill to Lud's Church chasm.

By the end of the first day my hope for a colourful sunset sky was diminishing. Photography can be a game of luck, opportunity and patience, and many times things will not go in your favour. The next day the sun was shining again and a new adventure began, full of promise and more opportunity…

I end my day at Chrome Hill with a few photographs. The next day I'm out for adventure again at Lud's Church, or as it's marked on the OS map - The Chasm!

Church on the water

A visit to Rutland Water, luckily I had some time to capture a few images before other visitors arrived on the scene…

Rutland Water... Just a quick visit today. I will go back in the future to shoot this wonderful landscape some more...

Making use of ND and polarising filters at Rutland Water. The thumbnail images have had differing colour filters applied in post editing and show how different an image can look.

Black and white with a red filter effect in post processing.

Black and white with a red filter effect in post processing.

Steampunk ~ The Lincoln Asylum Festival

Steampunk ~ The Lincoln Asylum Festival

This is the 10th anniversary of the Lincoln Asylum Steampunk Festival.  It's on over this weekend and is going to be a spectacular event.  I'll be there tomorrow to take some images and chat with the festival participants.  I'm expecting some amazing costumes to be on show!  Look for my images in the gallery which will be updated throughout the coming week. 

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