Tog Diaries

Photography challenges at the zoo

It's a very long time since I've been to the zoo and I was very much looking forward to this special treat. There are lots of challenges to anyone hoping to get good photographs of the animals and they all become self evident as the day progresses.

Jodrell Bank Radio Telescope ~ an opportunity for photography

A visit to Jodrell Bank and a look around the majestic radio telescope. I thought black and white would suit the images best (although I did a mix of colour too). A slightly overcast/hazy day with glimpses of blue sky. I had 2 zoom lenses with me today but no tripod or filters.

The Roaches and images of climbers in silhouette

Final day of this weekend in the western part of the Peak District. Despite the very hazy sky it was well worth a visit to The Roaches.

The last part of this particular visit to the western part of the Peak District. It's incerdibly hazy due to high pressure and atmospheric pollution from natural and no doubt man-made sources. Nonetheless a couple of climbers made for geat photographic subjects...