How I can help you

I will ensure that you are kept appropriately informed from the moment you book my services to the day that you receive your images; to that end I won't be shy if I need to ask a few questions too.

 A professional relationship with an effective yet relaxed rapport is important.  I wish to ensure that you feel entirely at ease so that you can concentrate on your day, particularly if you have booked me for one of the most important events of your life - your Wedding Day!

My ethos is simple, getting great images comes from getting the best that I can from you and those around you.  I have a lifetime of experience communicating with people from all over the world and I treat everybody the same - with a smile and with courtesy and respect. 

I love my photography, I take tremendous pride in what I do and my desire to skilfully capture your special day will hopefully be evident from our very first meeting.  I edit the digital files myself as I believe it's all part of the photography process, no different to the days when a roll of film would be developed in the dark room. 

I use professional cameras, lenses and lighting equipment.  Everything has been carefully chosen to ensure that I can concentrate on capturing the moment with the confidence that my photography gear will perform admirably.  

Most importantly - I have full insurance to cover my profession and provide peace of mind to my customers.

Why choose my services? 

Hopefully every photographer cares about what they do, how they approach their clients and how much attention to detail they apply from start to finish, yet sadly this can't always be guaranteed.  Some might not be prepared to put in the necessary time and care in order to produce great results, they may not be insured, and indeed may not be officially in business at all.

I have already had a full time career as a professional pilot, this is indicative of someone who is reliable, intelligent and able to get results.  Most telling is that I took the decision to retire early from a very successful career in aviation in order to finally follow my heart and pursue photography full time.  

I have immersed myself in the subject of photography for many years, nurturing my skills through countless hours of research and practise - my goal is to far exceed your expectations.  I very much look forward to meeting you, I care immensely about what I do and I am entirely focused on capturing those special moments for you to treasure.

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In order to provide further levels of assurance I have City & Guilds Level 3 diplomas in Portrait and Wedding Photography, Advanced Portrait and Wedding Photography and Digital Manipulation.



Based in Lincolnshire between Lincoln, Grantham and Newark.