My photography can be tailored to suit your specific requirements (number of images etc).  If you decide to proceed with my services I may require a non-refundable deposit to reserve your booking.  This is usually required for events booked weeks or months in advance, which means the applicable dates are no longer available to other customers and therefore any cancellations may have a significant financial impact.

The prices and packages below are for your guidance as they can vary depending on your needs and other factors (time on location, number of images, travelling time and hours or days required post event for editing the images etc, therefore prices may be less than expected or perhaps a little more than is suggested below).   

Wonderful, professional prints by 'Loxley Colour', in a variety of sizes and formats such as metal, canvas wrap, mounted prints (choose between 6mm Acrylic and 1" Edge Prints) and premium lustre paper which all can be ordered directly from the beautifully presented online client galleryThere is also the facility to purchase digital downloads in a variety of sizes directly from the gallery.

Fully edited digital jpeg image files - licensed to suit your needs (business or personal use) and supplied to you either on a beautiful USB flash drive inside a presentation box** or via digital download direct from the client gallery.


Special Event & Sport Photography -Free***

*** Sports and special event organisers - If I am invited to a significant sports or other special event

where there is a good chance that I will be able to make reasonable revenue from my images

(once they have been edited and placed on my gallery - usually a couple of days later)

then there is no charge.  You can get some watermarked publicity shots from me for free too!

My attendance should be well advertised prior to the event,

and on the day itself, to ensure all those attending are well informed

that I will be present in a professional capacity.


If you wish to exclusively use my services at a sports or special event then the prices are below:

Full day from £400

Upwards of 100* fully edited colour images (also duplicated in black and white).

Half day from £250

Upwards of 50* fully edited colour images (also duplicated in black and white).


Wedding photography

As I am a sole photographer (my wonderful better half does assist with front of house/public relations) I am stepping away from formal wedding photography and in the future will be providing a 'reportage' style wedding photography service.  This means I would be invited as a wedding guest along with my wife and would take non-posed, candid/reportage images throughout the day.  It's important to realise that there would not be any formal photographs taken - all would be candid/reportage.  The reasons for my decision are many and I'm happy to discuss them with any future clients.  I will write a blog on my thoughts behind this in the near future. 

The first few clients to use my new style of service will receive a preferential rate.  I feel it's something that will give me more freedom with the camera, it's better for me as a sole photographer, is far less obtrusive and is something that's becoming far more popular in wedding photography.

If you feel that this unobtrusive and more relaxed style of photography is something that you would like for your wedding then please get in touch for further details.


Portraits From £150 

Minimum of 25* fully edited colour images (duplicated in black and white - 50 images in total ).


Business Promotion From £150

Tailored to your requirements with full Business Licence.



* There may be occasion where fewer images are provided due to unforeseen circumstances - see contract.

** Included with photography packages of £400 and above (subject to availability).

*** Sports and special event organisers - If I am invited to a significant sports or other special event where there is a good chance that I will be able to make reasonable revenue from my images

(once they have been edited and placed on my gallery - usually a couple of days later) then there is no charge.  


Please note - if I am travelling longer distances to reach an event, or I need to stay overnight somewhere due to travelling time, then extra charges may apply.


My client gallery: 

Please note - Prints and images files that are purchased will have a specific licence/terms of sale.  For Businesses/Corporate clients this will be agreed on a case by case basis. Other client images are sold under a 'Personal Use Licence' - see below. 

The prints or digital image files you purchase remain the property of PG Delaney Photography.  They may not be altered, copied, distributed or shared (including by such means as social media sites) without my written consent. 

‘Personal Use’ means for example, having printed images on display in your home or privately viewing and storing the digital image files on your computer or having your own photo album.  The Personal Use Licence is in place to help protect copyright and ultimately the viability of this photography business.

Many of my customers would love to share fabulous images of a special event and therefore there is a specific facility for sharing the ‘watermark protected’ images directly from the beautifully presented client gallery – it is really good and I encourage you to have fun and enjoy using it – just look for the share icon!

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